30 Minute Politics

When I travelled to Vermont last summer to study activism and human rights, I specialised in social justice for two weeks. Another aspect I chose to study after my morning classes was a topical called 30 Minute Politics whereby we studied intense, detailed political systems and where exactly they are enforced… For example, take North Korea, an isolated, defiant, Stalinist state led by Kim Jong II. The country strives to be acknowledged for its military power, and of course, its “so-called” independence. (Despite the fact they heavily rely on international aid to sustain their people.) This is one of the few countries which still impose totalitarianism despite the new age where people claim that we are starting to abide by equality. Let me tell you now that this is absolute bullshit on a global level, but that debate is another issue.
Inspired by these topicals I was involved in, I want to make a two minute politics blog on Irish politics as many young people today seem unconcerned and uneducated on this front in Ireland. In their defence, it’s not their fault. I’m pro education but I certainly don’t agree with the Irish Department of Education on so many levels, so Ruairi Quinn(minister of education in Ireland) if you do happen to come by this article, do not hesitate to contact me… One of the many things I despise about our education system in Ireland is the lack of health education classes and the lack of emphasis put on politics. In my opinion, it should be mandatory to attend these classes before leaving school, even if they were only on once or twice a month. Sorry for rambling off point once again! Here’s my two minute politics where I write as much as I can on Ireland covering some very basic foundations and general ideas about our government in two minutes… Read on and you may learn a few things!
Ireland is a parliamentary, representative democratic republic. So what does that even mean? In very simple language, it means we are branched ie parliamentary. By this I mean we have a president, a government, mayors etc. Representative democratic republic sounds like it is implicating unification, which it is. We elect those in charge to represent us a nation… even if we don’t always make the right choices. We are also a member of state in the EU meaning our government travels to places like Brussels every so often to negotiate important decisions with other countries. The main political power is invested in a Taoiseach or in English, prime minister. Enda Kenny is Ireland’s current prime minister while Michael D Higgins our president takes a more ceremonial stance in affairs. Executive power is exercised by the prime minister, deputy prime minister (Eamonn Gilmore), and fifteen ministers. Executive power is the everyday running of the country. Legislative power(amending,passing laws etc) however is ran by Oireachtas which is the national parliament which constitutes the president and both the Seanad Éireann and Dáil Éireann. The main parties which have dominated in political power are Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, which are historically opposing and competing identities, although today Fine Gael and Labour Party lead today. Our state is run under constitution of Ireland, which practises liberal democracy meaning when there is a law to be amended etc in Ireland, it can only be done so by referendum.
Okay, I think my two minutes are up…… If you liked this you can share some background of politics about your country with me and I will be posting another two minute politics soon, but for now I bid you a goodnight!


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